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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  December 31, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> live and in hd, this is abc7 news at noon, on your side. it is now officially 2011 in
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some parts of the world. the fireworks light of the night sky in new zealand, australia, and seoul, south korea earlier today. meanwhile, take a look. this is a live picture of times square in new york city. thank you so much for being here with us this noon. i am pamela brown and we will begin with what a lot of people want to know. what is going to feel like this evening as we countdown to 2011? steve, how are things shaping up? >> compared to earlier this week, temperatures were well below average. it will be clear tonight. already 45 degrees at the list. 44 at reagan national. the satellite radar shows the cold front well-off to the west
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of us. we are not expecting a tornado or any major system, but clouds will increase tomorrow into tomorrow night. for the afternoon, plenty of sunshine and a beautiful day ahead, 50 to 55 degrees. no need to grab the umbrella tonight for the new year's eve festivities. we will have milder air and then a cool down. but i think a lot of happy faces as we head back to work and school because of what sunshine is also in the forecast. sounds promising. but we are-during a situation in arkansas -- we are monitoring a situation in arkansas where three people have been killed after a tornado touched down early this morning. at least five homes were destroyed in the town of cincinnati. that is in oklahoma.
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we want to tell you about a developing story that we are following in maryland. police say driver is in critical condition. the man lost control of his car and crashed into power lines this morning. we the road was closed for a short time, but is back open -- wheeler road was closed for a short time, but is back open. police believe alcohol was involved. today, authorities are hoping that some sobering statistics will cause partygoers to think twice before getting behind the wheel. >> an overwhelming majority of people, about 87%, agree that drinking and driving is a serious problem. still, a significant amount of people admit that they go to a bar, have a drink, and then get behind the wheel.
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rudy will spend this year's new year's eve at home with friends. he calls it a safer alternative to going out with the crowds that will pack hotels and clubs and bars tonight. >> people do not realize that -- ok, maybe you can have one drink and be ok. but two or three, it starts messing with your head and you do not realize it. >> a survey reveals one in 10 americans admits to driving under the influence in just the past year. >> i think people do not realize how much they have had to drink or they have only a couple and think they are ok. >> drinking and driving is not even on their radar. they say, whatever, i can get home. it is one night. >> there are typically some 80 people killed in alcohol-related crashes on new year's. as partygoers ring in 2011, police across the region will be out in full force, including
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setting up sobriety checkpoints. also out in full force will be cabdrivers, providing a smart alternative for those who should not be behind the wheel. >> it is very important to have a safe, sober drivers. >> that sounds like some good advice. if you would like to take advantage of a free-ride tonight, sober ride again this year is offering free qadarites. -- a free cab rides. important information there. thank you so much. in montgomery county's special education teacher is facing charges. 25-year-old rebecca amick was stopped in a traffic violation tuesday. police say she had nine bags of heroin with her.
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the 25 -- and 25-year-old faisal abdullah was also arrested. the "washington post" reports that a photographer discovered the remains of a baby at d.c. general. the autopsy will determine whether it was born or a fetus. metro is about to receive millions of dollars to help send upgrades to the transit system. we learn more about the grants. >> three days a week, francine davis takes the metro from her home in alexandria to the job at gw hospital. she says it can be a rough ride. >> on days where they're having
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problems or the train is on the tracks, we have to wait. >> those problems are getting fixed. metro is getting $150 million from the federal government to upgrade the system. the money will be used to replace their rail cars that might have contributed to last year's fatal crash on the red line. in addition to new cars, some of the money will also go to track improvement. >> i think we will get more cars, which will be better for the people. i hope it is safer. i hope it is a little bit faster. >> metro also plans to use a portion of the money to upgrade the escalators and elevators. and with all of the issues of the past couple of months, that is sweet music to the metro riders years. riders' it is long overdue.
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>> i do not want to see it slip and slide like the way this system is did in chicago and new york. >> $150 million in total matching funds to help pay for the improvement. >> and staying with matrone now, the system has also taken a step toward replacing it be smart trip system. metra says they will process payments with chips enabled credit cards, the federal id cards, or smart phones. someone could get rich ringing the new year. the jackpot for tonight's mega millions trying is now estimated to be $242 million. -- for tonight's mega millions drawing is now estimated to be $242 million.
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following new developments in the prince george's county corruption investigation, former county executive jack johnson has been released from electronic monitoring. johnson is awaiting trial on charges of evidence tampering and destruction of evidence. a trial date has not been set yet. police are searching for the man they believed murdered a grandmother in a brutal christmas day attack. elvin murphyelda an is wanted for the attack. the elderly woman died on the scene and her granddaughter is recovering from her injuries. the family is pleading with the suspect to turn himself in. >> it is hard to believe that an 84-year-old woman could do something to anger you to cause this much pain. >> police believe the attack was domestic in nature and that the
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victim became the and invented -- unintended focus of the attack when she tried to intervene. >> be romanticism -- the romanticism appeal to me, but the facts did not support it. >> gov. bill richardson announced he will not be giving a posthumous pardon to billy the kid. with only hours left as governor, the governor decided to the -- decided the move was unnecessary. and when abc7 news at noon continues, another crippling winter storm. the latest on the traveling message to our west. also, angry over controversy at the airport.
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plus, the uconn is on a record- breaking streak against the team that seems to have their number.
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>> welcome back, everybody. we want to take a live look over nyc again where 1000 -- 1 million people are expected for the ball dropped. there has been written chatter about an al qaeda attack during the holidays. it has officials on high alert. >> all eyes will be on times square tonight. new year's revelers will be watching the traditional ball dropped while thousands of police will be watching for suspicious activity.
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>> we have noses -- specific threats against the city on new year's eve. -- we have no specific threats against the city on new year's eve. >> dozens of video cameras surrounding area. its backers will be stationed on rooftops. manhole covers will be sealed, and newspaper boxes, like much of this week's snow, removed. 1 million people are expected to pack into times square over the next several hours. everyone will have to go through a magnetometer perhaps as many as three times. >> we have several thousand radiation detectors that are deployed with our officers. we have large radiation detectors-detection equipment that we can deploy on vehicles. >> the police departments is that there has been no specific threat and that much has been learned since the botched car bombing at the heart of the square. since the 9/11 attacks there
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have been at least six plots against new york city. >> there are always people who have suspicious behavior, people who are not cooperative. they're always looking for that. they're looking for things that do not seem right. >> even though officials are on high alert this evening, but the president and vice president are on vacation, while the secretary of homeland security arrived in afghanistan this morning. > a college student was arrested at the airport for protesting the new controversy 0 search measures. he stripped down to his underwear at the airport. he told them that the pat downs were in violation of the fourth amendment. that young man was interviewed and released with a citation for disorderly conduct 2010 was a turbulent year for air traffic controllers. there was a 51% increase in
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mistakes. in the d.c. region alone, there were 52 errors. most were close calls, classified as planes flying too close. more than 9000 planes might not have warning systems that adequately keep track of aircraft in neighboring airspace. it has been a rough and to 2010, but millions of travelers -- a rough and to 2010 for millions of travelers across the country. john shows us who is getting hit the hardest. >> 2010 is going out with a storm. eastern blizzards, southwestern snow and mud, and midwestern wide outs are watching the nation. just in time to draft drivers on the road for another holiday weekend. >> an estimated at over 1 million people will find themselves stuck on the road. >> in north dakota, blinding the
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storms left a massive pileup. a rare blizzard dumped a foot of snow on higher elevations. >> you can see people in the trees and in the ditches. >> near seattle, one icy hill turned into a bumper car track with cars, minivans, and suvs careening into each other. and mudslides moved in boulder, blocking the main entrance to the national park. -- moved a boulder, at blocking the main entrance to the national park. nearly tahoe, bad weather slowed rescue workers searching for a missing snow border. they found her thursday, dead, and believe she hit a tree. >> with a deadly tornado in
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arkansas and an earthquake in indiana, many americans will be happy to put 2010 behind them. we are ending 2010 on a high note here. >> it could be one of the warmest days we have had all the summer long. no complaints here. and it is just in time to welcome in the new year. it will not last long. take a look outside on the weatherbug network. this is at 1100 wilson boulevard. filtered sunshine out there will be the situation for the remainder of the afternoon. temperatures are holding in e- 4b's right now. we will look for a nice warm up over the next -- are holding in the 40's right now. we will look for a nice warmup over the next while. arlington at 47, went out of the south-southeast just around 3 miles per hour -- the wind out
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of the south-southeast just around 3 miles per hour. look for warmer air for the afternoon hours. already 43 in martinsburg. 43 in manassass. fredericksburg, already 51 degrees. it satellite radar shows a cold front to the west of us. heavier showers and even thunderstorms across lower michigan. in missouri, they have not only thunderstorm watches, but also tornado watches. the areas shaded in red are tornado warnings. if your travel plans to take you to st. louis, expect significant travel delays. there is a slow-moving system there. across the dakotas, blizzard warnings in red. it is going to modify just a bit. we're not looking for a severe system in the immediate future, but the colder air will arrive.
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give it a couple of days or so. 58 in cincinnati. 67 in memphis. this is the dividing line. this is where the severe weather is located. in the next 48 hours, a few clouds, mainly clear for years each. here is the cold front moving through tomorrow night into early sunday morning. once this system clears, our skies will clear. look for cooler, drier air for the start of the upcoming school and work week. 50 to 55 degrees for the daytime high today. tonight, mainly clear. temperatures in the 30's. amar will call for afternoon clouds and showers developing. temperatures will be cooling off into the 40's monday through wednesday. looking good. up next, a warning before you
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head out to eat seven is on your side with the most germ laden
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>> the street is officially over. >> 3, 2, 1. >> the 90-game winning streak in women's basketball and last night. stanford handily defeated the huskies in front of a sold-out crowd in california. their last loss came on april 6 in 2008 to none other than sanford. a new study finds that man whose
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index finger is longer are 33% less likely to get prostate cancer. one theory is that in some instances, men with prostate cancer have more testosterone in their bodies. also from 7 on your side, an investigation has uncovered some surprising and unsanitary conditions in restaurants. they tested it tabletop items including salt, sugar, and mustard and ketchup as well as the menus and it turned out the menu had the highest level of bacteria. >> haven't you ever gone to a restaurant before and you stick to the menu? >> most of the bacteria found was not to harmful, but it could cause staff or upper respiratory infections. you can protect yourself by washing your hands after you place an order.
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>> for revelers tonight, what do they need to know? >> they should wear a jacket, but they do not need an umbrella. temperatures today in the lower 50's. anti- years day is approaching 60 degrees. this is all had a vague -- and new year's day is approaching 60 degrees. this is all at of a cold front. sunshine will make every appearance on monday, tuesday, and wednesday.
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back in the middle 40's. >> ending on a positive note. thank you for being with us. captioned by the
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